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CODEX Telkom

Why do I have to apply to Telkom Indonesia through CODEX?

CODEX recruits and manages the best talents in the digital field. The recruitment process carried out by CODEX is quite easy and doesn't require a long time until the on boarding process. So, it’s very easy for you to join Telkom Indonesia to grow together.

What is the connection between Telkom Indonesia and CODEX?

CODEX is a part of Telkom Indonesia, who are tasked to recruit and manage talents in the digital field, whom we call Digital Talent.


Can I collaborate with CODEX?

Of course! We are all about collaborating and working together. We have monthly events that we create together with communities, universities and partners, to share insight about digital talents and career development.

Where should I contact when I want to collaborate with CODEX?

You can Direct Messages (DM) to our Instagram at @codex.telkom, twitter @codex_telkom, Linkedin @CODEX powered by Telkom Indonesia or email to


What should I prepare for each stage of the selection process?

  • In general, prepare your own device (Laptop/ PC) with a stable internet connection. Remember, you cannot access the test via mobile phone.
  • Then, for the pre-selection stage, please fill up your personal data along with your CV and portfolio.
  • Next, if you attend the Interview stage, please prepare the software related to the job role that you choose (it is needed for checking code, design or model).


What is the minimum experience to apply for a job here?

There are several levels for candidates based on experience. Basic level (fresh graduate - 1 year experience), junior level (minimum 2 years experience), medium level (minimum 5 years experience), and senior level (minimum 7 years experience).

What are these vacancies for a Diploma or Bachelor's Degree?

If you are a high school graduate you can apply, but you must have the skills needed.

Recruitment Process

What are the stages of the recruitment process at CODEX?

After registering yourself and submitting your personal data via website, you will follow a series of selection processes.

  • Firstly, you will take the Online Assessment.
  • Secondly, if you pass the previous test you will be invited by email to take Mettl Assessment.
  • Thirdly, If you successfully pass the technical test, you will be invited to attend an Interview with Users and HR team.
  • Next up, if you successfully pass the Interview stage you will be invited for Offering Stage.
  • After finishing the Offering stage, you will sign a contract and start your Onboarding soon.

How long is the recruitment process?

In general, the whole recruitment process will take approximately 2 weeks to be completed.

Invitation Email

Why I haven't received an invitation email for the online test after submitting my personal data?

After submitting your personal data, you will get an invitation email to take the Online Assessment. Please also check your spam/ promotion inbox. If you do not receive the invitation, internal system error may have occurred. To get the invitation email, you can report this problem by sending an email to along with the issue’s description.


Which department will I be assigned to if I am accepted?

Telkom Indonesia's Digital Business Directorate, especially the Digital & Next Business (DXB) Department. You will be placed in one of the digital products in Telkom Indonesia.

If I get hired, do I have to Work From Home (WFH) or Work From Office (WFO)?

For now, we are still Work From Home (WFH). However, we will follow government and company policies later.

If I joined as Digital Talent in Telkom Indonesia, what's the employment status?

You will work full time with contract based status of employment.

System Error

What is included in the internal system error?

In special cases, errors may occur, for instance the candidate does not receive a test invitation email after submitting personal data, the assessment link cannot be accessed, the test is finished automatically while it is being executed, etc.

What should I do if I find an internal system error?

If an internal system error occurs, you can report this problem by sending an email to along with the error URL, screenshot of evidence and the issue’s description.

Expiry Period

What should I do if the period of taking an online test has expired when I want to do the test?

  • If you accidentally pass the deadline to take an assessment and still want to complete this stage, you can report this problem by sending an email to along with screenshot of evidence and the issue’s description.
  • If you were invited by some parties e.g. from source of Partner or Referral, you can contact the inviting party to meet their consideration for you to continue this process.


Will I get information regarding the results of my recruitment process?

Yes, you will receive information related to your recruitment decision whether you pass or not pass the test. Just kindly wait owing to some decisions may take some time.

Where is the announcement of the recruitment results announced?

Recruitment results will be announced via registered email.

I have done a Mettl Assessment or Interview Stage yet still have not received the results, when will I be announced of the results?

Generally, you will receive those test results within 1 week from the submission test. if you still have not received the information after the stated time period, you can ask the confirmation by sending an email to


I did not pass the selection process, can I re-register for joining the recruitment again?

Yes you can, but after 6 months from the last time you registered.

If I have applied an application for a particular job role, may I register in another job role?

You can only register for 1 job role in one recruitment period, that is within 6 months.

Why have to wait 6 months to apply for a different role?

When you re-apply, there will be additional skills related to the existing requirements.


Does Codex have an internship program?

Yes, Codex has an internship program which is managed by Telkom's digital business division.


What is the mechanism for registering internship at codex?

The internship program at Codex can be registered via this following link Prospective participants will be directed to register for an internships on the website, then collect Curriculum Vitae (CV) as the requirement to complete the administrative stage.

Keep in mind, based on the Codex apprenticeship program is regulated by Telkom's digital business division, prospective participants can be assigned in any unit at Telkom's digital business division, which is not necessarily placed in the Codex unit.


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